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      Who We Are

      Gunnebo Cash Management provides automated cash handling solutions, software and services for retailers, banks and CIT companies.

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      What Our Customers Say

      Customers explain how automated cash handling solutions from Gunnebo have helped them reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase security.

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      Gunnebo aims to build a sustainable and ethical business which minimises our impact on the planet.

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      Expert cash management support and service from Gunnebo ensures that your automated cash handling systems run reliably and efficiently.

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      Gunnebo Cash Management has a worldwide presence. Besides our locations, we have a partner network across the globe.

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closed cash management for retail. Safepay

SafePay Closed Cash Management

Cash in on SafePay and secure cash from the checkout to the back office. The smart way to handle cash and remove cash differences.

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The Benefits of SafePay

Manual cash handling costs retailers time and money. SafePay replaces normal tills with a smart recycling system which protects cash from payment all the way to the cash-counting centre. Automatic reconciliation and no cash differences.

  • closed cash management for retail. Deliver Efficiency
    Deliver Efficiency

    ROI is often less than 24 months since staff involvement in cash handling can be reduced by up to 95%.

  • closed cash management for retail. Track Cash
    Maintain Hygiene

    Configure for self-service so that cash is never touched by any member of staff in the front or back office.

  • closed cash management retail. Improve security
    Improve Security

    Cash is never exposed so staff and customers feel safer. Robberies are reduced and shrinkage is eliminated.

Self-Checkouts for Retail

Facilitate cash payments at self-service checkouts by integrating SafePay note and coin recyclers into payment stations.

- Integration into Self Check-out Stations

- Designed for Ease of Use


- Completely Closed Cash Management

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Closed Cash Management Product Range

safepay collect
SafePay Collect. Front-end
safepay complete
SafePay Complete. Front- and Back-end
cash management monitoring software

What Our Customers Say

  • Intermarché Swift and secure payment of cash How closed cash handling helped the Intermarché Tournai supermarket improve both productivity and security Read full story
  • Shell Petrol Stations Reduction of back-office administration How closed cash management improved security and cash handling efficiency Read full story
  • Spisestuerne, CBS Automated cash management How the canteen service at the Copenhagen Business School reduced cash differences to zero Read full story
safepay brochure. closed cash management
SafePay: Closed Cash Management

Cash in on the benefits of greater cash process efficiency, happier staff and customers, and better end-to-end security.

What is Closed Cash Management?

The key characteristic of a closed cash management system is that it keeps cash locked away for the entire duration of its lifecycle in a store. This ensures that cash is never exposed or handled manually once it has left the customer's hand. As well as the obvious security benefits, other advantages include the elimination of cash differences, automatic reconciliation and the utilisation of staff for jobs other than counting cash.

To create a truly closed system, you should combine: i) a payment station at the checkout for notes and coins which recycles cash as change and stores larger denominations in separate cassettes, ii) a sealed cassette (sometimes ink-protected) which can be removed from the payment station once filled with cash and taken to the back office, iii) a back-office deposit safe into which the cassette is inserted and from where cash-in-transit services securely collect the cash, iv) cash management software which monitors cash levels and optimises CIT pick-up schedules.

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