• Cash Recycling
      Cash Recycling

      Improve the customer experience and support bank branch transformation with teller cash recyclers.

      Bank cash recycling
    • Coin Roll Dispensers
      Coin Roll Dispensers

      Offer bank customers a time-saving service with fast and efficient automated coin roll dispensers for the bank lobby.

      safecoin D900 - coin roll dispensers
    • Sealbag Deposit
      Sealbag Deposit

      Provide bank customers with a secure, self-service sealbag deposit service available 24/7 in your bank lobby.

      SafebagDFX-smart. sealbag deposit systems bank
    • Credit Unions
      Credit Unions

      Teller cash recycling gives credit union members better customer service and reduces the cost of cash handling.

      Kemba bank cash handling
    • Retail Banks
      Retail Banks

      Reduce the cost of handling cash, optimise cash processes and improve customer service with smart cash management solutions.

      cash handling for retail banks
Bank Cash Handling

Bank Cash Handling

Reliable cash automation solutions which support bank branch transformation and cut the time staff spend working with cash.

The Benefits of Automated Cash Handling

  • Improve efficiency. Bank cash handling
    Improve Efficiency

    Processing large cash transactions, including authentication and verification, takes seconds not minutes or hours.

  • Increase Security. Bank cash handling
    Increase Security

    With no manual handling, cash is unexposed, securely stored and safely transferred to CIT.

  • Satisfy Customers. Bank cash handling
    Satisfy Customers

    Fewer cash-related processes requiring less time means bank staff deliver a superior customer experience.

Cash Handling Product Range

Bank cash handling. Cash Recycling
Cash Recycling
Bank cash handling. Coin roll dispensers
Coin Roll Dispensers
bank cash handling. safebag
Sealbag Deposit
Credit union bank cash handling

Credit Unions

retail bank cash handling

Retail Banks

Branch Efficiency

Increase cash handling transaction speeds, improve staff scheduling and increase productivity. Automated cash management cuts the time spent working with cash, reduces the number of cash-related procedures and limits the number of people required to be involved in cash routines. Cash processing takes seconds rather than minutes or hours.

Customer Focus

Let your staff focus on the customer, not the cash. With cash automation, bank staff deliver a superior customer experience and have the time to cross-sell and up-sell more products. Skilled employees no longer need to count cash, assist customers with deposits, make trips to the vault or help with cash collection. Staff involvement in handling cash is reduced and resource allocation becomes more flexible.


Take full control over your cash processes with cash management software for banks. Connected on one platform, you can use real-time data from all cash handling machines across the bank’s network to improve performance and optimise CIT collection. CIT only pick up cash when required and can register the transfer of cash automatically without the need to do any administration on site.


Eliminate manual cash counting. Cash recyclers automatically counts cash as it’s accepted by cashiers at the point of service, and with every transaction recorded, you get complete transparency. Audit trails allows any errors to be cleared up instantly rather than having to involve staff in time-consuming manual counting and re-counting.


Minimise the risk of theft and become a safer workplace. Cash recycling and deposit machines keep cash locked away and unexposed, often in a certified safe. You can also use cash handling solutions to move certain services outside of the bank altogether, combining deposit and transfer functionalities in a secure, freestanding kiosk. For banks in high-risk areas, staff and customers are protected from the threat of armed robbery.

Service Offering

Give customers more convenience by offering self-service deposit and withdrawal options available 24/7. With these cash automation machines located in the lobby, most cash transactions are no longer performed in the heart of the bank. You improve the overall customer experience with a more open floor plan where staff interaction with the customer is prioritised.

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