• Cash Recycling
      Cash Recycling

      Improve the customer experience and support bank branch transformation with teller cash recyclers.

      Bank cash recycling
    • Coin Roll Dispensers
      Coin Roll Dispensers

      Offer bank customers a time-saving service with fast and efficient automated coin roll dispensers for the bank lobby.

      safecoin D900 - coin roll dispensers
    • Sealbag Deposit
      Sealbag Deposit

      Provide bank customers with a secure, self-service sealbag deposit service available 24/7 in your bank lobby.

      SafebagDFX-smart. sealbag deposit systems bank
    • Credit Unions
      Credit Unions

      Teller cash recycling gives credit union members better customer service and reduces the cost of cash handling.

      Kemba bank cash handling
    • Retail Banks
      Retail Banks

      Reduce the cost of handling cash, optimise cash processes and improve customer service with smart cash management solutions.

      cash handling for retail banks
cash recycling for banks

Improve the Customer Experience

Teller cash recyclers support branch transformation and give bank staff more time to focus on the customer.

The Benefits of Cash Recycling

Automated teller cash recyclers cut the time spent working with cash, reduce the number of cash-related procedures and limit the number of people required to be involved in cash processes.

  • cash recycling for banks. Save Time
    Save Time

    Faster transactions mean staff deliver a superior customer experience with time to cross-sell and up-sell more products.

  • cash recycling for banks. Ensure Accuracy
    Ensure Accuracy

    All cash is automatically counted, verified and authenticated eliminating manual cash-counting errors.

  • cash recycling for banks. Improve Security
    Improve Security

    Keep cash locked away and unexposed or move cash handling services out of the bank into secure freestanding kiosks.

Bank Recycling Range

Bank Cash recycling R8 tcr
SafeRecycling R8_TCR
Since we started using the TCR, efficiencies have improved and we are much faster to respond to members

/  KEMBA Credit Union, USA

What is Cash Recycling for Banks?

Cash recycling is a way of making sure your bank or credit union always has the right amount of cash available. It recycles cash by dispensing the same notes it receives and automates the process of receiving and dispensing cash. Teller cash recyclers eliminate the manual tasks associated with cash handling which can help with branch transformation and allows tellers to take on more dynamic, customer-centric roles. At the point of each transaction, a cash recycler automatically accepts, verifies, counts, and stores notes. Staff can quickly deposit and dispense cash themselves and the recycler keeps a constant check on cash levels. With automatic reconciliation, cash recycling for banks also accelerates end-of-day balancing and improves branch efficiency.


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