• Cash Deposit
      Cash Deposit

      Smart safes for cash deposit save retailers time and money by cutting administration in the front and back office.

      Cash handling retail. Cash deposit
    • Cash Recycling
      Cash Recycling

      Retail cash recycling solutions optimise your cash flow and keep cash circulating efficiently for smoother cash handling operations.

      Cash recycling for retail
    • Closed Cash Management
      Closed Cash Management

      Cash in on the benefits of SafePay, a truly closed cash management system which secures cash from checkout to back office.

      closed cash management. safepay
    • Software

      Give yourself full control over the cash cycle and make retail cash processes more efficient, saving you money and making your operations more profitable.

      Retail cash handling software
    • Supermarkets

      Reduce the cost of handling cash and make your supermarket a safer place to work and shop with automated cash management solutions.

      closed cash management, safepay, supermarket
    • Convenience Stores
      Convenience Stores

      Prevent robberies and reduce shrinkage by making your convenience store a safer place to work and shop with secure cash handling.

      Cash handling Convenience store
    • Food Service and Hospitality
      Food Service and Hospitality

      Accept cash transactions and maintain hygiene standards by eliminating staff interaction with notes and coins altogether.

      Safepay closed cash management. Bakery
    • Petrol Stations
      Petrol Stations

      Reduce robberies and make your petrol station safer for staff and customers with secure cash management solutions.

      Cash handling in petrol stations
    • Hotels

      Reduce the cost of handling cash in hotels and give staff more time to focus on customer service.

      cash handling in hotel reception
    • Big-Box Stores
      Big-Box Stores

      Cash automation reduces the cost of handling cash for big-box retailers such as DIY centres, hypermarkets, furniture stores and other large outlets.

      cash handling for big-box stores
    • Cruise Ships
      Cruise Ships

      Optimise cash handling processes with secure and efficient cash deposit and recycling solutions.

      cash handling for cruise ships
    • Pharmacies

      Cut the time spent counting cash and make cash management a faster, safer process for your pharmacy.

      Pharmacies cash handling
  • What Our Customers Say
cash handling in hotel reception

Reduce Cash Handling Costs

Automated cash handling for hotels reduces operational costs and gives staff more time to focus on customer service.

The Benefits of Automated Cash Handling

  • Save Time. cash handling hotels
    Save Time

    Remove functional tasks like cash counting, float preparation and reconciliation from hotel staff.

  • Improve Satisfaction. Cash handling in hotels
    Improve Satisfaction

    Hotel guests can still pay by cash but staff no longer have the stress and burden of managing it.

  • Simplify Processes. Cash handling in hotels
    Simplify Processes

    The automation of cash procedures reduces back-office administration and the cost of handling cash.

Cash Handling Products for Hotels

Cash handling retail supermarket. Cash deposit
Cash Deposit
cash handling for hotels
Cash Recycling
Gunnebo not only delivered cost savings, but also great service

/  Hilton Hotels, Swizterland

retail cash management
Cash Handling in Retail

Learn about the benefits of smart cash management solutions for retailers

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