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      Secure cash automation solutions for retailers which reduce the cost of handling cash and improve operational efficiency.

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      Smart safes for cash deposit save retailers time and money by cutting administration in the front and back office.

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      Retail cash recycling solutions optimise your cash flow and keep cash circulating efficiently for smoother cash handling operations.

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      Cash in on the benefits of SafePay, a truly closed cash management system which secures cash from checkout to back office.

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      Facilitate cash payments at self-service checkouts by integrating SafePay note and coin recyclers into payment stations.

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      Reliable cash automation solutions which support bank branch transformation and cut the time staff spend working with cash.

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      Improve the customer experience and support bank branch transformation with teller cash recyclers.

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      Offer bank customers a time-saving service with fast and efficient automated coin roll dispensers for the bank lobby.

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      Provide bank customers with a secure, self-service sealbag deposit service available 24/7 in your bank lobby.

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      Stay connected with your retail clients and offer a smart safe solution for the back office.

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      Gunnebo Cash Management provides automated cash handling solutions, software and services for retailers, banks and CIT companies.

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SafeRecycling R3

A versatile and user-friendly cash recycling solution

The R3 is a full recycling solution with one of the smallest footprints on the market. This makes it ideal for small retail areas, such as stores with 1-6 cashiers, hotels or petrol stations.

image image image

Flexible cash recycling

The main advantage of the R3 is flexibility in terms of size - its reconfigurable modules adapt to your cash volume - and personalisation - units can be adapted to match your brand

  • minimal footprint cash recycler

    All the benefits of a full cash recycler but with a minimal footprint so you can make best use of the available space in your store.

  • Gunnebo-icon-M-023

    Flexible and adaptable to match your corporate branding with modules which can be configured to meet your cash flow requirements.

  • Software. productivity icon. Cash handling
    End-to-End Control

    Smart cash management software gives you real-time data, remote monitoring and full cash cycle transparency.

Recycling Options

Functions: Float dispensing, deposit of sales, multi-currency deposit, exchange of money, cash replenishment, and user management.

Scalable: Highly configurable modules – recycling, acceptance, loading cassettes and reject cassettes can be combined as required.

Validation: High-level validation technology with a capacity of up to 256 templates. ECB Article 6 compliant.

Pre-Credit: Details of cash deposits automatically sent to your bank.

Operational Features

ROI: Cost savings made through optimisation result in quick return on investment.

Savings: Save time and money through better cash process efficiency and improved cash collection planning.

User-Friendly: Simple and easy-to-use system – no need to train operators

Software: Real-time cash level tracking and remote monitoring via ZEN software. Full accountability of all cash going in and out.

Options Barcode scanner, biometric fingerprint reader, RFID/NFC reader, camera, lockable cassettes, UPS, and ZEN software.


Key Specifications

  • Counting Speed: 3 notes/sec
  • Bundle Capacity: Up to 50 notes/deposit. Up to 20 notes/dispense:
  • Capacity, Recycling: 60 notes/drum; 2 drums/cassette; max. 3 cassettes (total recycling capacity 360 notes)
  • Capacity, Deposit: 1500 notes
  • Capacity, Loading: 500 notes
  • Capacity, Rejects: 20 notes
  • Safe: CEN I & III


  • Dimensions excl. screen (HxWxD): 900x350x720mm
  • Power Supply: 120/240 V AC, 3/1,5 A, 50/60 Hz
  • Operating conditions: +5 - +40C, humidity 20-80%

Cash Management Experts at Your Service

Our global team of cash management specialists provide the service and support you need so you can focus on your core business.

We are dedicated to delivering expert service and professional troubleshooting as and when you need it. Potential issues can be dealt with online using remote management software with no disruption to your business.

With a global team of service professionals, a full spare parts network, our own manufacturing and research & development facilities, and unmatched technical expertise, we are ideally positioned to be your service partner of choice, ensuring that your cash management systems run smoothly and efficiently.

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