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SafeCoin D700

Fast and efficient coin roll dispensing

Wall-mounted self-service coin roll dispenser for banks and retail

image image image


  • coin roll dispenser. 24 hours available
    Available 24/7

    Around-the-clock access for customers

  • Multi-Functional. coin roll dispenser

     Several services in one: rolls, coins and banknotes

  • self-service area. coin roll dispensers bank

    Designed for integration into self-service area

Flexible Configuration

SafeCoin D700 is an automated dispenser for coins and/or banknotes of all denominations. Banknotes are inserted and coin rolls, notes and/or coins are returned depending on the user’s request. The machine can easily be configured to match your requirements, such as the combined dispensing of banknotes, coin rolls and banknote/coin combinations.

Practical Design

SafeCoin D700 can be installed as a through-the wall or in-the-wall unit.


The machine can be accessed from the rear, making it easy for staff or CIT companies to empty or fill and for technicians to service. 


To make each transaction quick and simple for the end user, a colour screen and softkeys guide the customer through the procedure.

Save Time and Optimise Resources

With SafeCoin D700, your staff spends less time performing cash handling operations.


Consequently, the sales approach with customers is much more efficient.


The compact size of SafeCoin D700 saves you space and its large storage capacity both reduces reloading operations and helps decrease your operating costs.


Key Specifications

  • Exchange Options: Banknotes to coin rolls, banknotes to coins, coins to coins and banknote to banknotes


  • Mounting: Wall (TTW, ITW)
  • Loading: Rear

Cash Management Experts at Your Service

Our global team of cash management specialists provide the service and support you need so you can focus on your core business.

We are dedicated to delivering expert service and professional troubleshooting as and when you need it. Potential issues can be dealt with online using remote management software with no disruption to your business.

With a global team of service professionals, a full spare parts network, our own manufacturing and research & development facilities, and unmatched technical expertise, we are ideally positioned to be your service partner of choice, ensuring that your cash management systems run smoothly and efficiently.

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