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      Who We Are

      Gunnebo Cash Management provides automated cash handling solutions, software and services for retailers, banks and CIT companies.

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      What Our Customers Say

      Customers explain how automated cash handling solutions from Gunnebo have helped them reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase security.

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      Gunnebo aims to build a sustainable and ethical business which minimises our impact on the planet.

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      Expert cash management support and service from Gunnebo ensures that your automated cash handling systems run reliably and efficiently.

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      Find Us

      Gunnebo Cash Management has a worldwide presence. Besides our own locations, we have a partner network across the globe.

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      Get to Know Us

      Read about our commitment to be experts in our field and how we got to where we are today.

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      Our Culture

      Find out why Gunnebo Cash Management is an environment where you can thrive.

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      Core Values

      Discover the fundamental characteristics which will make you a good fit for us.

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      Your Career With Us

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      The BALANCE module for business reporting and analytics gives you a complete overview of your financial operations.

      Zen cash management software

      The ENHANCE module for service monitoring gives you full control over the health of your cash handling devices with remote management and predictive maintenance

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    • MATCH

      The MATCH module for end-to-end cash reconciliation enables a faster, more accurate automated reconciliation process.

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    • MOBILE

      The MOBILE module for store optimisation allows you to take actions on the go from anywhere in the store leaving more time to focus on the customer.

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      The CONNECT module for data sharing and connectivity allows you to securely and efficiently export data in real-time to third-party systems.

      Connect cash management software
    • DEVICE

      The DEVICE module connects ZEN securely with the full range of Gunnebo cash management products with the option to connect to third-party devices on demand.

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ZEN cash management software suite

ZEN Cash Management Software Suite

Be one with your business.

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Business Benefits

Give “smart cash management” a whole new meaning with the ZEN modular software suite.

  • Zen suite software. Hyperconnectivity

    Connect with any cash handling device, cash service provider or third-party system.

  • software cash handling. remote management
    Remote Management

    Manage upgrades and users remotely for all the devices on your network.

  • Modular software cash handling. adaptability
    Endless Adaptability

    Take advantage of a modular suite, flexible enough to adapt to your needs.


• Connection with cloud environments and third-party systems
• No compromise on transaction security
• Flawless connections to all devices
• Simultaneous multiple connections (CIT, client, bank, third-party)

Remote Management

• Smart and flexible control of your devices from anywhere
• No need to be on site
• Predictive maintenance and performance analysis
• Remote command execution and device configuration management

Endless Adaptability

• Modular design for full flexibility
• Change workflows to adapt to your business processes
• Integrate your business data within your devices
• Integrate with POS systems for seamless deposit operations

ZEN Suite Modules

  • Business Reporting and Analytics 1. Real-time monitoring of cash levels and reports
    2. Reconciliation of sales and collections in the store
    3. Store routine optimisation for refilling and end of day
    Read More
  • Data Sharing and Connectivity 1. Export data in real time to third-party systems
    2. Customisable data export formats
    3. Complete set of API for direct exportation
    Read More
  • Service Monitoring and Optimisation 1. Real-time status monitoring of devices
    2. Full remote access including remote user management and upgrades
    3. Proactive and predictive maintenance of devices
    Read More
  • End-to-End Cash Reconciliation 1. Automatic reconciliation of cash deposits, real-time crediting and cash centre counting
    2. Management of exceptions with pre-defined actions
    3. Automatic anti-money laundering verification and over-the-limit deposits
    Read More
  • Multi-Device Connectivity 1. Compatible with full Gunnebo range: deposit, recycling, SafePay and self-service
    2. Option to connect to third-party products on demand
    3. Secure and encrypted communication between devices
    Read More
  • In-Store Optimisation 1. Automated routines in the store via mobile for refilling and end of day
    2. Real time status information while doing other tasks in the store
    3. Secure generation of one-time codes for collection
    Read More
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ZEN: Cash Management Software Suite

Explore the benefits and discover what ZEN can do for your business

The software is helping store managers forecast cash levels and align with CIT companies

/ Netto, Supermarket Chain

Our Devices

  • Cash Deposit Save time and money by cutting administration in the front and back office with smart safes for cash deposit. Read More
  • Cash Recycling Optimise your cash flow and keep cash circulating efficiently for smoother cash handling operations. Read More
  • Closed Cash Management Cash in on the benefits of a truly closed cash management system which secures cash from checkout to back office. Read More
  • Self-Checkouts Integrate note and coin recyclers for fast and efficient cash payments at your self-service checkout stations. Read More
  • Coin Roll Dispensers Save your customers time with automated, self-service coin roll devices for the bank lobby Read More
  • Sealbag Deposit Provide your customers with a self-service sealbag deposit service available 24/7 Read More

Find Out What ZEN Can Do for Your Business