• Retail

      La gestión de efectivo con ciclo cerrado, permite a cualquier negocio que venda alimentos aceptar transacciones en efectivo y eliminar por completo la interacción del personal con billetes y monedas.

      Retail cash handling
    • Banca

      Soluciones de efectivo fiables y automatizadas que ayudan a la transformación de las sucursales bancarias y acortan el tiempo que emplea el personal trabajando con el efectivo.

      Banca soluciones gestión de efectivo
    • Compañía de Transporte de Fondos
      Compañía de Transporte de Fondos

      A través de la marca Sallén, desarrollamos soluciones para Empresas de Transporte de Fondos que mejoran la experiencia de la gestión de efectivo a sus clientes.

      Compañía de Transporte de Fondos
  • Software
  • Que dicen nuestros clientes
  • Servicio
    • Quienes somos
      Quienes somos

      Gunnebo Cash Management proporciona soluciones automatizadas de gestión de efectivo, software y servicios para minoristas, bancos y empresas ETF.

      Quienes somos
    • Que dicen nuestros clientes
      Que dicen nuestros clientes

      Los clientes explican cómo las soluciones automatizadas de manejo de efectivo de Gunnebo les han ayudado a reducir costos, mejorar la eficiencia y aumentar la seguridad.

      Que dicen nuestros clientes
    • Sustentabilidad

      Gunnebo tiene como objetivo construir un negocio sostenible y ético que minimice nuestro impacto en el planeta.

    • Suscríbete a las actualizaciones
      Suscríbete a las actualizaciones

      Suscríbete a nuestra lista de mailing o a nuestro blog y sé de los primeros en enterarte de nuevas soluciones, grandes eventos y de las aportaciones de nuestros expertos en Gestión de Efectivo

      Suscríbete a las actualizaciones
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      Nos encantaría ayudarle a que la gestión de efectivo será más barato y eficiente. Contacte hoy con uno de nuestros expertos.

      Contactar con Gunnebo Cash Management
    • Servicio de contacto
      Servicio de contacto

      La asistencia y servicio profesional en gestión de efectivo de Gunnebo asegura que sus sistemas de manejo automatizado de efectivo funcionan de forma fiable y eficiente.

      sobre Gunnebo Cash Management. servicio
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Coronavirus: Information for Gunnebo Customers


Stay Safe, Calm and Supportive
At Gunnebo Cash Management, we are taking measures to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus as we aim to minimise the effect on our employees, customers, business partners, suppliers and society. We are of course following the recommendations issued by authorities and we have also updated our internal guidelines.

All Gunnebo employees who can work from home have been advised to do so. We have also taken extra precautionary measures for our factory employees as well as we are making sure that our installation and service teams can work safely.

Since many of you have businesses considered part of the critical infrastructure of society, we are dedicated to making the deliveries we have promised and are working in close cooperation with suppliers and partners to minimise any impact for you.

Gunnebo’s Group Executive Team has formed a task force and is closely monitoring, assessing and taking decisions about the impact that COVID-19 may have on the business in general as well as the supply chain.

All companies within the Gunnebo Group have been instructed to respond based on an agreed action plan which focuses on i) maintaining the wellbeing of our employees, ii) continuing to supply products and services, and iii) maintaining business continuity.
We are also following local laws and regulations, and are working closely with authorities and governmental bodies to make sure that we find flexible solutions to support you in carrying out functions that are important for society.

Questions About Orders or Deliveries

If you have any questions about orders or deliveries, please contact your Gunnebo representative for the latest information. If any items are unavailable, your Gunnebo representative will present the available alternatives. We are working hard to fulfill all your requests in a safe manner, but due to the extraordinary circumstances we currently experience, we might not always be able to fulfill every request.


Cash remains a popular and necessary method of payment, critical to society’s infrastructure.
As a retailer or bank, supporting cash payments and providing cash services during and after the COVID-19 pandemic means adjusting to the new normal in terms of hygiene standards.

The following posts on the Cash Management Blog offer advice about how to approach this:

How Retailers Can Reduce Cash Touchpoints
The Importance of Hygienic Cash Handling in Retail
How to Combine Cash Handling and Hygiene

How Banks Can Offer Retailers a Contactless Cash Deposit Service


News Related to the Use of Cash and COVID-19
Cash poses no particular risk of infection for public. The risk of picking up coronavirus via cash is extremely minimal. Article from German Bundesbank.


Bank of Canada asks retailers to continue accepting cash. Refusing cash could put an undue burden on people who depend on cash as a means of payment. Article from Bank of Canada.


Why consumers should be cautious, but not fearful of handling dollars. The chance of being infected after handling cash is still low, experts say, compared to other methods of potentially getting infected. Article from bankrate.com.


WHO did NOT say banknotes would transmit COVID-19. World Health Organisation makes statement after misrepresentation in British media. Article from marketwatch.com


Medical experts are speaking up for cash. Handling banknotes doesn’t pose a particular risk according to health experts. Article from cashmatters.org.


Likelihood of banknotes spreading coronavirus slim. Experts say banknotes are not likely to carry coronavirus. Article from euronews.com.