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    • Who We Are
      Who We Are

      Gunnebo Cash Management provides automated cash handling solutions, software and services for retailers, banks and CIT companies.

    • What Our Customers Say
      What Our Customers Say

      Customers explain how automated cash handling solutions from Gunnebo have helped them reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase security.

    • Sustainability

      Gunnebo aims to build a sustainable and ethical business which minimises our impact on the planet.

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      Expert cash management support and service from Gunnebo ensures that your automated cash handling systems run reliably and efficiently.

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      Find Us

      Gunnebo Cash Management has a worldwide presence. Besides our locations, we have a partner network across the globe.

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Gunnebo Cash Management

Smart Cash Management Solutions


Gunnebo Cash Management provides automated cash handling solutions, software and services for retail, bank and cash-in-transit companies.

We create a more efficient and secure cash cycle and reduce the cost of handling notes and coins across the cash ecosystem. Peace of mind for our clients and freedom of payment choice for the end customer.

Our offering includes products, software and services for closed cash handling, cash recycling and cash deposit.

We work to be experts in our field and strive to be a leading voice in shaping the future customer payment cycle.

Global Experts

Gunnebo Cash Management has a worldwide presence with production in key locations around the globe. Our headquarters are in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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    25+ countries

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    Europe, Asia and America

  • Gunnebo cash management employees

    +400 passionate experts

Where We Came From

2020 The Gunnebo Group is bought up and Cash Management becomes part of GB HoldCos.

2015 Business Unit Cash Management is created.

The Gunnebo Group acquires Spanish cash handling supplier, Sallén. Sallén becomes a brand within Business Unit Cash Management and a driver for developing new technologies within cash automation.

2010 Business Area Bank Security & Cash Handling is created.

2006 The Cash Automation division is created focusing on solutions which will make cash handling cheaper, safer and more efficient.

2004 The SafePay closed cash management solution is introduced as part of the Gunnebo Physical Security division.

1995 The Gunnebo Group is founded.

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