• Cash Recycling
      Cash Recycling

      Improve the customer experience and support bank branch transformation with teller cash recyclers.

      Bank cash recycling
    • Coin Roll Dispensers
      Coin Roll Dispensers

      Offer bank customers a time-saving service with fast and efficient automated coin roll dispensers for the bank lobby.

    • Sealbag Deposit
      Sealbag Deposit

      Provide bank customers with a secure, self-service sealbag deposit service available 24/7 in your bank lobby.

      SafeBag Sealbag Deposit
    • Cash Deposit as a Bank Service
      Cash Deposit as a Bank Service

      Stay connected with your retail clients and offer a smart safe solution for the back office.

      Cash deposit as a bank service
    • Credit Unions
      Credit Unions

      Teller cash recycling gives credit union members better customer service and reduces the cost of cash handling.

      KEMBA-Gunnebo-Customer-Story-1 16-9
    • Retail Banks
      Retail Banks

      Reduce the cost of handling cash, optimise cash processes and improve customer service with smart cash management solutions.

      cash handling for retail banks

Secure Sealbag Deposit Systems

Self-service deposit solutions for the bank lobby with 24/7 availability for bank customers.

The Benefits of Sealbag Deposit Systems

SafeBag solutions provide bank customers with a secure, self-service sealbag deposit service direct from your bank lobby.

  • Save Time. sealbag deposit systems banks
    Save Time

    Reduce staff involvement in managing deposits, giving them more time to focus on the customer.

  • Manage Performance. sealbag deposit systems software
    Manage Performance

    Track transactions and access real-time data with cash management software to optimise cash logistics.

  • Improve Security. sealbag deposit systems bank
    Improve Security

    As a closed system, SafeBag offers high security and stores sealbags in a graded deposit safe.

Sealbag Deposit Product Range

Safebag ADX S2
Safebag CLX-S

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