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      Who We Are

      Gunnebo Cash Management provides automated cash handling solutions, software and services for retailers, banks and CIT companies.

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      What Our Customers Say

      Customers explain how automated cash handling solutions from Gunnebo have helped them reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase security.

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      Gunnebo aims to build a sustainable and ethical business which minimises our impact on the planet.

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      Expert cash management support and service from Gunnebo ensures that your automated cash handling systems run reliably and efficiently.

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      Find Us

      Gunnebo Cash Management has a worldwide presence. Besides our own locations, we have a partner network across the globe.

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      Get to Know Us

      Read about our commitment to be experts in our field and how we got to where we are today.

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      Our Culture

      Find out why Gunnebo Cash Management is an environment where you can thrive.

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      Core Values

      Discover the fundamental characteristics which will make you a good fit for us.

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      Your Career With Us

      Choose the field where you will make an impact within the company.

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    • Cash Deposit
      Cash Deposit

      Smart safes for cash deposit save retailers time and money by cutting administration in the front and back office.

    • Cash Recycling
      Cash Recycling

      Retail cash recycling solutions optimise your cash flow and keep cash circulating efficiently for smoother cash handling operations.

    • Closed Cash Management
      Closed Cash Management

      Cash in on the benefits of SafePay, a truly closed cash management system which secures cash from checkout to back office.

    • Supermarkets

      Reduce the cost of handling cash and make your supermarket a safer place to work and shop with automated cash management solutions.

    • Convenience Stores
      Convenience Stores

      Prevent robberies and reduce shrinkage by making your convenience store a safer place to work and shop with secure cash handling.

    • Food Service and Hospitality
      Food Service and Hospitality

      Accept cash transactions and maintain hygiene standards by eliminating staff interaction with notes and coins altogether.

    • Petrol Stations
      Petrol Stations

      Reduce robberies and make your petrol station safer for staff and customers with secure cash management solutions.

    • Hotels

      Reduce the cost of handling cash in hotels and give staff more time to focus on customer service.

    • Big-Box Stores
      Big-Box Stores

      Cash automation reduces the cost of handling cash for big-box retailers such as DIY centres, hypermarkets, furniture stores and other large outlets.

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    • Cruise Ships
      Cruise Ships

      Optimise cash handling processes with secure and efficient cash deposit and recycling solutions.

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    • Pharmacies

      Cut the time spent counting cash and make cash management a faster, safer process for your pharmacy.

  • What Our Customers Say

Keep Your Cash Flowing

Optimise your cash flow and keep cash circulating efficiently with cash recycling solutions for retail.

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The Benefits of Cash Recycling

If cash doesn’t move, it loses value. Retail cash recycling solutions keep your cash flowing and circulating efficiently so that you make the most out of your money.

  • cash recycling retail. Optimise Cash flow
    Optimise Cash Flow

    Automated processes reduce cash handling costs and transfer earnings to your bank much faster.

  • cash recycling retail. Save time
    Save Time

    Cash recycling can reduce the time spent on daily cash handling routines by almost 80%.

  • cash recycling retail. Track Cash
    Track Cash

    Smart cash management software provides real-time data, remote monitoring and full cash cycle transparency.

Cash Recycling Product Range

ZEN software cash management
ZEN Software Suite
saferecycling RS8 - cash recycling retail
SafeRecycling RS8_CR5
SafeRecycling RS6_CR5
saferecycling r6 - cash recycling retail
SafeRecycling R6

What Our Customers Say

  • Hilton Hotel Zürich Cost reductions through cash management How automated cash handling delivered savings for the Hilton Airport Hotel in Zürich Read full story
  • KEMBA Credit Union Improved customer experience with cash recycling How KEMBA used a cash management solution to deliver cost reductions, better service and greater efficiency Read full story
  • Shell Petrol Stations Reduction of back-office administration How closed cash management improved security and cash handling efficiency Read full story
Keep Your Cash Flowing

How cash recycling improves cash flow efficiency

What is Cash Recycling?

A cash recycler automates the process of receiving and dispensing cash. It stores money securely at the point of use and keeps an accurate account of cash levels. Notes are fed in and the cash recycler checks authenticity, inspects fitness levels, identifies the denomination and registers the amount. The banknotes are sorted into separate cassettes ready to be used later. So — true to its name — the machine recycles cash by dispensing the same notes it receives. And cash recycling improves efficiency and cash flow. It prevents cash from sitting still – where it has no value – and puts it into your bank account, which in effect is like generating profit.


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